At House Angiz Etxea we want to offer you, above all, safety and hygiene.

Information and prevention against the coronavirus Sars-cov-2

We believe that in addition to guaranteeing hygiene and safety in our accommodation, the best way to act responsibly in the face of the coronavirus is to provide accurate and useful information to our guests.

House Angiz Etxea offers you:

– Billboard in the house with Information to protect you from the contagion of the coronavirus: emergency telephone numbers and health centers, as well as information on preventive measures such as hand washing, distancing and the use of masks. The lodge recommends that guests comply with these measures.

– Question and answer guide on the restrictions applied by the Government of Navarra to know exactly what we can and cannot do. The accommodation urges guests to comply with these restrictions.

Protected cleaning staff

-The cleaning staff uses individual protection systems to clean the house (masks and gloves). Even when wearing gloves, hands will be disinfected frequently during the cleaning procedure. After each cleaning, the materials used and the protective equipment used shall be disposed of in a safe manner, followed by hand washing. The cleaning staff shall not enter the house while the client is inside, except for justified cause.

Total disinfection of the accommodation

-The time we dedicate to cleaning at each change of guests is increased to a minimum of 7 hours instead of the previous 5. Consequently, the check-out time is changed to 10:00 instead of 12:00. Check-in will remain at 17:00.

– All contact surfaces (floor, kitchen countertop, cupboards, handles, dining table, chairs, sinks, faucets, doors, keys, toilet flush button, small utensils, hair dryer, terrace furniture, controls, equipment etc …) are cleaned with disinfectant products of proven effectiveness, authorized by the Ministry of Health and in safe conditions.

– All the sheets, protectors, towels, etc. are washed at the temperature recommended by the Ministry of Health. “Dirty” textiles are collected, placed in a bag and sealed until they are treated in the laundry. After handling “soiled” textiles, the cleaning staff washes their hands.

– All crockery, glasses, utensils, pots and pans are washed in the dishwasher at the temperature recommended by the Ministry of Health.

– Cleaning and disinfection will be recorded.

Disposal of non-essential objects and accessories

– To minimize the risk of contagion by contact, we have chosen to eliminate objects that are not essential and that could constitute a risk of contagion:: toys, games, books… and some decorative objects such as cushions, decorative blankets… Each guest will have to bring their personal games and books.

– In the kitchen, tableware should be reduced to the minimum necessary for proper use. For example, if before we left 10 glasses for 4 guests, now we will leave 5. The objective is to be able to clean everything again in the dishwasher at the recommended temperature before the arrival of the new guests.

– Local products such as, jam, cider or wine will not be available in the house. They will be available upon request.

– Strictly necessary blankets will be provided. If more blankets are required, they must be requested.

– Toilet garbage cans in the bathrooms are equipped with a lid, bag and non-manual operation.

– As for the information brochures that were available on the shelves for everyone to consult, we have decided to eliminate them and opt for single-use brochures and favor digital information.

Correct ventilation of all rooms before the entry of new guests.

Masks and disinfectant products available to the clientele.

– The lodging will have masks to provide to the clients in case of need. They will be sold at cost price.

– Authorized disinfectant gel and/or push-button hand soap will be left in the house for proper hand hygiene of guests.

Changes in reception and registration of travelers

– It can be done in 2 ways, in person but with mask and keeping the distance of 2 meters or by collecting keys and explanation of the operation of the house and activities by phone, email or whatsapp, edepending on what the guest prefers.

ID cards will not be collected, the guest will send a photo of those over 18 years old by mail or whatsapp.

Changes in house maintenance services

If any repairs were necessary in the house, we would try to proceed when the guests are not present, but in any case, the maintenance staff would use individualized protection systems if they access the interior of the house.

Changes in payment of the stay

It will be made by transfer, bank card without physical tpv or bizum.


These measures taken will be made known to the traveler at the time of confirming the reservation. A document with these measures will be sent to him and the traveler will have to sign it to show his agreement.