Contact and location of House Angiz Etxea

House Angiz Etxea, Urbanización Ukulu, 4 31791 Sunbilla
Phone. +34 615730792 (Haizea) Phone. +34 657 488 694 (Igor) Email:



Official address: Urbanización Ukulu 4 31791 Sunbilla/GPS Address: Calle Garaigarri 32 E 31791 Sunbilla

– When you enter the village of Sunbilla, go to the village square/park. To do this, cross the bridge and when you see the church in front of you, turn left.

– You will pass in front of the park or the square. Go straight on until you reach the crossroads where you will see an abandoned house.

– At the crossroads you have 3 options: Go straight on, turn left towards the medieval (stone) bridge or turn right. You take the right. This is a narrow bend that will force you to manoeuvre a bit.

– Once you have taken the right turn, you will start to climb. Up to the house it is all uphill. It is important that you continue straight on, leaving aside all the streets that you can find on the right and left.

– If you go straight on, you will reach the beginning of a steeper slope. Climb it “without fear, hee, hee…”. When you see the first 2 houses on both sides of the road, continue straight ahead. Our house is the second to last one on the street.

– You will see 3 accesses: 1 open access with a garden, another access through a black iron gate and a last access through a wooden gate. The first 2 are to access Angiz II and the last one to access Angiz I. . You can park your car at each of these entrances or in the street in front.


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